OpenERP features

  • It's open source: The software is released under the AGPL license, which means you can learn how it is done, modify it and not rely on a closed source owner.

  • It's full feature: OpenERP is a complete set of business applications, including sales, customer management (CRM), project management, warehouse management, manufacturing, financial management, human resources, process management (BPM), etc. More than 1000 modules that extend the functionality of OpenERP are also available.

  • It's modular: The OpenERP unique modular approach allows customers to start with the application and later add other modules as needed. Customers get well the benefits of an integrated software, but avoid a macro project that can not get to implement.

  • It's flexible: OpenERP allows you to customize the user interface, set permissions and access and manage their business processes in just a few clicks.

  • Without technological restrictions: Thanks to its open technologies, OpenERP can run on any operating system (Windows, Linux or Mac OS). The web client also makes it compatible with any other device (Android, iPhone, smartphone, tablet PC, etc.).

  • Without locks: The same version of OpenERP can be used anywhere, either directly or via the Internet connection.

  • It's affordable: The absence of cost per license makes OpenERP a very affordable solution, and eliminates the discomfort of restrictions on the use of the application with cost saving purposes (sharing a license for more than one user, session timeout, etc). Being based on open technologies, it's neither necessary to purchase any database or customization tools (report designer, data extraction, etc.) license.